Technomic Games


I am Eamiel J, a RPGM indie developer. Dream to be someday a successful indie gaming developer in my country. My experience in game developing and games in general helped me to create games with my full effort. 

I am currently using RPGM MV as my main game engine and hoping to someday learn programming and coding. I am hoping to create games that will somehow tackle serious issues around the world and maybe some issues revolve around me. Gaming is my way to release all my feelings and my hatred about something and it helped me to control myself. I hope that you will enjoy the games I make and the stories I tell about those games and in the future I can satisfy you and also support me in my journey as a game developer and as a student.

TGC Icon
An indie group that I created hoping to gather a group of indie game developers or peoples with special talents to make games that is enjoyable. 

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